Electra Mining 2016

As Graven Designs celebrated the milestone of our first year in business, it was fitting that we were represented at this year’s Electra Mining Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa. The video below was especially prepared in order to promote our services to the Engineering Sector. Working Together with Rapid Armor A lot of interest was shown in the new Rapid Armor liner[…]


Composite Rollbar Analysis

Survivability As an essential part of a  competitive solar powered car, the rollbar ensures the safety of the driver in the event of the car overturning. The video below shows the analysis of a composite rollbar with a specific requirement to withstand a 5G longitudinal loading applied to the top of the rollbar. Stiffeners were added to the rear of the[…]


Steering Rod Buckling

Automotive Analysis The video below shows the plastic buckling of a steering rod. The example illustrates how advanced engineering analysis is used to predict the buckling of the steering rod under severe wheel toe-in conditions, as may occur when driving into an obstacle.   This approach was used, together with multi body dynamics, to show that typical design and[…]


Buffer Stop Analysis

Rail Application The video below shows the results of an impact analysis performed on a railway buffer stop.   The analysis example demonstrates the capability of Graven Designs to solve complex engineering problems, particularly in the design of products for the Rail Industry.   For geometry source files visit: Railway Buffer Stop


Dynamic Rockstrike

Implicit Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis by Vaughan Thomson The video below shows a dynamic simulation of a rock striking a steel plate, completed using Midas NFX Finite Element Analysis software. Stress waves can be seen propagating through the plate and supporting bolts, with the extracted graph synchronised to the stress animation using MATLAB software.