Electra Mining 2016

As Graven Designs celebrated the milestone of our first year in business, it was fitting that we were represented at this year’s Electra Mining Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The video below was especially prepared in order to promote our services to the Engineering Sector.

Working Together with Rapid Armor

A lot of interest was shown in the new Rapid Armor liner mounting system used to rapidly fit liners into mining bins, hoppers and chutes. The Rapid Armor system is a complete maintenance solution that includes a smart phone app for product tracking and preventative maintenance. Safety documentation and lockout procedures are readily available via the app. The solution reduces downtime by making removal and fitment of liners easy and fast.

Graven Designs role in the Rapid Armor solution is in the form of engineering support services including design, analysis and testing. We ensure an Engineering Solution for your process plant that is safe and effective under your specific operating conditions.

graven_ra2 graven_ra

Graven Designs at Electra Mining 2016

Showcasing Graven Designs Services

3D Printed Models by DIY Electronics

A number of 3D printed models were on display in order to show typical products and industries where Graven Designs offers engineering expertise. Our services include the provision of engineering solutions, product development and failure investigation across the engineering sectors of automotive, aeronautical, military, power generation, mining and rail.

graven_diy graven_showcase_2

Graven Designs, Offering Engineering Expertise

GD Viewer in Action

The GD Viewer app was a big hit at the show. It allows our customers to gain an understanding of our capabilities in terms of the industries we support as well as the value that we can add to their design process. All of the showcased products can be viewed in augmented reality, allowing our customers to interact with the designs from each of the engineering sectors. Website links embedded in the app direct the user to videos and articles that showcase our ability to provide engineering solutions to the various sectors of industry.

gd_viewer_2 gd_viewer

GD Viewer was a Big Hit at the Show

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